Lumatas BioSystems

Based in Silicon Valley, Lumatas BioSystems specializes in the research, development, and production of Biomedical machines.

At Lumatas, we fully automate and optimize the process of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining. Our Biomedical machines allow clients to determine the distribution and localization of antigens (such as proteins) in tissue sections using antibody-antigen interactions. This valuable information then allows for the diagnosis of abnormal cells in various diseases, including cancer.

Lumatas is a proud partner of Maxim Biotechnologies.


  • Titan

    Titan is Lumatas' Fully Automated IHC Autostainer. With a proven tracking record of an accurate processing of 30,000 slides per unit/year, the Titan ensures the hospital high efficiency and guaranteed ROI.

  • Titan S

    Titan S is the new, more mobile rendition of the Titan. Revised for 2018, it packs the same exceptional reliablilty, consistency, and functionality into a smaller, more compact machine.


Titan Specs:

  • Slide Capacity72
  • Reagent Capacityup to 70
  • Heating Capacity0°C to 103°C
  • Power220 to 240VAC
  • Weight350kg/772lbs

Titan S Specs:

  • Slide Capacity36
  • Reagent Capacityup to 42
  • Heating Capacity0°C to 103°C
  • Power220 to 240VAC
  • Weight250kg/550lbs

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